Agni Nakshatra

Agni Nakshatra is a Summer Camp that Chennai Ultimate Frisbee (CUF) conducts every year in the April-May time-frame for people interested in trying out the sport. This happens at the Elliots Beach, Besant Nagar. The camp is an initiative for new people to learn & play Ultimate Frisbee.

CUF invites men and women of all ages in the city to try out Ultimate Frisbee during the summer. People can register individually, or as a group of friends. During this camp, the people trying out are taught the basics of Ultimate Frisbee (throwing, catching and rules of the game), and then let loose to have fun. At the end of the summer camp, we conduct an informal fun tournament (5 V 5, tentatively 3:2 Men to Women ratio) where they can group together as teams and play each other. If they came in as a group, they can chose to play that tournament as a group of friends or if they came in individually, we will help them form teams and play the tournament.

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