• + 1. What are the eligibility rules?

    There are no eligibility criteria. All players and teams are welcome. We usually have a healthy mix of both sexes and of Indian and International players.

  • + 2. Are there rules for the attire?

    All players in a team shall wear T-shirts and shorts/track-pants. The T-shirts should match in colour in each game. Teams shall have available a light coloured and separate dark coloured set of team shirts.

  • + 3. How do I make changes to my team’s roster?

    You are free to make changes to your roster before the start of the tournament. Please get in touch with the Tournament Directors to make changes during the tourney.

  • + 4. Do you plan to host a party?

    Yes. We love our Parties as much as we love our Ultimate. Please wait for more information while we iron out a few more details.

  • + 5. What is the easiest way to travel to and from Chennai?

    Chennai is extremely well connected by air, rail and sea. Please write to us/call us so we can help you out individually.

  • + 6. Can you help me find accommodation?

    Yes we can. Let us know your budget and we’ll suggest good hotels – From cheap accommodation to five star luxury.

  • + 7. What is this Spirit of the Game?

    Spirit of the Game (SoTG)

    From the UPA:

    'Spirit of the Game sets Ultimate apart from other competitive team sports. For over 30 years, Ultimate has flourished, reaching a highly competitive level, without the use of referees. In Ultimate, the honor system works. Sure, human nature rears its ugly head from time to time – just as in any sport, just as in life. Yet, one of the many beauties of Ultimate is how, even amid the most difficult of situations, utmost graciousness is allowed to meet that challenge head on. Through this balance, Ultimate players are free to demonstrate the most honorable and the most joyous sides of human nature in sport.'

    We, like most Ultimate players, care deeply about Spirit of the Game. We even have a SoTG Award for the team that shows the best spirit! (Also refer next question..)

  • + 8. Do you give out cash prizes?

    Err.. No we don’t. We have team awards for the Spirit of The Game (SoTG), Tournament Champions and Individual Awards for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) - Male & Female

  • + 9. What are the costs?

    Registration is priced at Rs 3000 for every participating team. Please carry money with you for your accommodation, travel, food and drink.

  • + 10. What else do I need to know about Chennai Heat?

    1. Chennai Heat is a 7 v 7 tourney with a 5/2 gender split (men/women) [We really, really encourage 4/3 though]. You can choose to play more women BUT both teams have to agree to playing an equal number of women before each game and it will be the offensive team that decides the gender ratio.

    2. Chennai Heat will follow BULA rules.

    3. Chennai Heat is FUN!