Pools & Format




Group Stage
1. Teams have been divided into 6 groups (Group A, B, C, D, E and F ) based on performance in CH2012 and BUO2013 tournaments. 2. Teams play round robin games within the groups.Each team gets to play 3 matches in the group stage 3.Teams will be re-positioned in their own groups after the pool games results 4. At the end of the pool games, the teams will play one cross pool game. Reseeding will happen after the cross pool games. 5.The Group stage matches and the cross pool games results will all be considered for the Reseeding. 6.Reseeding will be based on number of wins, followed by goal difference, followed by goals conceded, followed by goals scored, and finally head to head. 7. Once reseeded, the teams will battle it out in elimination games through quarter finals, semi finals and finals across the Gold Pool, Silver Pool and Bronze Pool. 8. Yes, that makes it approximately 7 games per team for the tourney.


Stage 2
1. The eight teams in each of the GOLD and SILVER pool play knockout games and after a series of QF SF and FINALS and other placement games, are reseeded at the end of the tournament.

GOLD pool ( Position 1 to 8 )
SILVER pool (Position 9 -16 )
BRONZE pool (Position 17 - 24 )