Tournament Rules

1. Chennai Heat 2013 is a 7 V 7 tourney with a 5/2 gender split. This means that at any point of time, there MUST be at least 2 women on the field for a team. A team may chose to play more women on the field. The opponent team is encouraged to reflect the same number of women in line with the Spirit of The Game. Usually it will be the offensive team that decides the gender ratio.

2. If a team is short on women, they have no choice but to play the match with a player short. Boys under the age of 15 cannot replace women.

3. Substitutions only on account of injury or on completion of point. Unlimited substitutions.

4. Regular field size (70 yards by 40 yards playing field, 25 yards by 40 yards end zone)

5. League Matches : Game are to 11 points. Soft Cap - 45 minutes long & Hard Cap - 50 minutes long. First team to 11 points wins. Half time at 25th minutes of whichever team scores 6 points first.

6. Quarter Finals to 11 points; 55 mins game with Soft Cap - 50 minutes long and Hard Cap - 55 minutes long.

7. Gold Pool Semi Finals to 13 Points; 75 minutes game with Soft Cap - 65 minutes and Hard Cap - 75 minutes long. Final : 90 mins game

8. Silver and Bronze Pool Finals to 13 points ; 75 minutes game with - 65 minutes and Hard Cap - 75 minutes long.

9. Group Stage, Cross-Pool and Quarter Finals Matches: 1 Time out per game and 1 Floating time out - Half Time 2 minutes

10.Semi Finals: 1 Time out per game and 1 Floating time out - Half Time 3 minutes

Finals: 1 Time out per half and 1 Floating time out - Half Time 5 minutes

Soft-cap: At the end of 45 mins, add 2 point to Soft Cap ending score. This becomes the end of game target. Eg, If at Soft Cap, teams are still playing at 5-5, and the point finishes at 47th min. 5-6. Game is to 8, with 3 minutes remaining for Hard Cap.

Hard-cap: : If the point in progress extends beyond the Hard Cap, then that becomes end of game when the point is scored. Eg, 5-5 with point in progress at 45th min Soft Cap. Point is still in play at 50 min. Then this point has to be played to completion and that ends the game. Final score will be 5-6. If the point in progress at end of Hard Cap, completes, and the scores are tied - you play to one more point. No time out after Soft Cap is blown.

RULES : WFDF 2013 Edition