Learning To Fly (Bangalore)

Team: Learning To Fly Location: Bangalore Captain: Prasanna

Learning to Fly is one of the oldest Ultimate-Frisbee teams in India. We have been playing the sport with a healthy mix of friends, colleagues, curious by-standers and forced participants for the past 7 years. Participating in tournaments through out the country, through the year, we have evolved as a team. Our players have proved their mettle at international tournaments and the after-parties alike.

Auroville Ultimate (Pondicherry)

Team: Spinergy Location: Pondicherry Captain: Mark

A mix of players from the international community of Auroville, India..

Bluerays (Pondicherry)

Team: Blue Rays Location: Pondicherry Captain: Kumaran & Sourya

A mixture of kids & the most talented athletes of Auroville.

Stall7 (Chennai)

Team: Stall7 Location: Chennai Captain: Box

Stall 1, Stall 2, Stall 3, Stall 4, Stall 5, Stall 6, STALL 7!!!

Back in early January 2009, when the sport of Ultimate was gaining popularity in the city of Chennai, three friends - Vijay Sharma, Vishnu Das and Siva – founded Stall7, a first-of-its-kind, all-college Ultimate team. From being just a group of college youngsters interested in throwing a disc around, it has now grown to become one of Chennai’s most formidable teams, not to forget the coolest and most fun-loving, with over 25 like-minded and spirited youngsters in the age group of 19-25, all of whom can be spotted throwing a disc around almost everyday on the sandy shores of our very own Besant Nagar beach.

As a competitive team, Stall7 made its presence felt during the Mysore tournament in August 2009. Even though the team bowed out in the league stages of that tournament, they then went on to be placed fourth in Chennai Heat 2009. From then on, there was no looking back, finishing as high as runners up at the Ahmedabad tournament in 2010 and third in Fly Baba (Kodaikanal) 2010! The later half of 2010 and early part of 2011 saw the team finish consistently among top five in the country, and its members started participating in tournaments across Asia.

The proudest moment in their history came in the form of a resounding and convincing victory in the final of Chennai Heat 2011. After finishing third in Fly Baba and sixth in Bangalore tournament in 2012, Stall7, defended their trophy in last year’s edition of Chennai Heat. There are in now in search of a hat-trick.

Disc-O-Deewane (Bangalore)

Team: Disc-O-Deewane Location: Bangalore Captain: HARISH (HASH)

Flybaba tourney, March 2008, in Kodaikanal, marked our entry into the Indian ultimate scene. DOD as we are called by all now is a team known for creating upsets. We are a group of athletes from various sports and play true to the spirit of ultimate. follow us at :

Chakraa (Chennai)

Team: Chakraa Location: Chennai Captain: Praveen Balaji (Bhajji)

Chakraa is a mixed ultimate frisbee team from the stables of Chennai Ultimate Frisbee. The team takes its name from the Sudarshana Chakraa - A spinning, disk-like super weapon with 108 serrated edges used by lord Vishnu, The Protector, of the Hindu Trinity. Befitting a team belonging to this cultural capital of India, the roster boasts of an eclectic mix of players - An actress, IT workers, Entrepreneurs, a fitness coach, a handful students, a play back singer, a refrigerator that clogs cutting lanes, a Melbourne-based bruin who specializes in torture techniques, several nondescript players who hang around for free beers, a diesel locomotive with a pig tail, lots of new faces (with exceptional talent) and a balding captain. Chakraa loves competing at Chennai Heat where they were champions in 2009 & 2010.

Fly Wild (Chennai)

Team: Fly Wild Location: Chennai Captain: Venki

Flywild is a Chennai Ultimate Frisbee Club Team that's been playing for 2 years now. This year we have an all new line up with an amazing bunch of school & college kids. We believe and play hard & have fun at the same time. Win or lose - it doesn't matter to us. With fresh ideas and lots of team work; we hope to see you all soon in the field.

Blitzkrieg (Chennai)

Team: Blitzkrieg Location: Chennai Captain: Sree tharon

Blitzkrieg was initially formed by 4 members - Janani, Sudhakar, Sridhar, Thangam aka Gold in November 2008. Blitzkrieg blazed its way into the world of Ultimate Frisbee by winning the Agni Nakshatra 2009 Beginners tourney organized by Chennai Ultimate Frisbee in June 2009. The team comprises mostly of students from Kumararani Meena Muthiah College of Arts and Science, Adyar. The age of the players range from 18-23. The members of Blitzkrieg, living upto its name, are extremely swift and fleet-footed on the Ultimate Frisbee field. Notable Achievement of Blitzkrieg is being Runners-Up at Chennai Heat'11. Initially, started as a pastime, but now is a professional sport for us.

Blitz Legacy (Chennai)

Team: Blitz Legacy Location: Chennai Captain: Madhan

Group of friends from kotturpuram, chennai formed a team, which is being coached by Thangam aka gold. BLITZ LEGACY will be entering this CHENNAI HEAT tournament to have a great time. Winning or losing doesn't matter to us, as we are here just to learn how to win and to feel the first HEAT.

Airborne (Chennai)

Team: Airborne Location: Chennai Captain: Ravi

One of the member teams of Chennai Ultimate Frisbee (CUF), Airborne is a bunch of players trying to take their game to the next level, both individually and as a team. Comprised of school kids, 30+ year olds and everyone in between, we are a diverse bunch who are together because of the sport we love - Ultimate. Airborne, with its new spirit, drive and outlook, played its first tournament at Chennai Heat 2011. With a lot of young blood added to the squad, we look forward to playing our best and having fun this Chennai Heat.
Huck. Bid. Pillage. Burn

Fringe Flickers (Chennai)

Team: Fringe Flickers Location: Chennai Captain: Mukesh

We may lose the game but that doesn't mean you have lost the battle. There's still so much to fight for. We don't feel small because we didn't get where everyone wanted to see us. We are able to change things.We wake up every morning and say, 'This point is too close for our ability'. Yes Yes we are Fringe Flickers, but “Yes” Powerful Kickers.

Shurikens (Chennai)

Team: Shurikens Location: Chennai Captain: Akash Ramani

Shurikens started out as a motley group of workaholics, mostly techies, meeting up on weekday evenings to throw a Frisbee around and briefly forget about the stress of work. In 2011, the group was mostly comprised of our captain’s school mates from KFI - The School, and college mates from PSG Tech, with no intention, or hope, of making it to a tournament. Today, we are one of the fastest growing ultimate teams with many friends lured into taking up Ultimate, partly because of the charm of the sport and partly because of the friendly and relaxed atmosphere within the team. Two of the fiercest girls in the Chennai Ultimate circuit are Shurikens. Our captain is Akash, our strategy is organized chaos and our home ground is near that fragrant corner of the beach where Chennai's finest flock to relieve themselves.

DisCreed (Coimbatore)

Team: DisCreed Location: Coimbatore Captain: Nishit

A 2 year old newbie in the frisbee circuit, Discreed are a spirited team budding with players from college and all work fields. Our goal is to enjoy the game and have a ball giving it our best both in the game and spirit!

Air Traffic Controllers (Bangalore)

Team: Air Traffic Controllers Location: Bangalore Captain: Alex Sebastian

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is relatively new to the Ultimate frisbee circle. It all began with four friends in 2012 playing at Cubbon Park on a small green patch which we now fondly call our home ground. Enthusiasm grew and the word spread, and today, we are a family of 20 crazy people, and we’re still growing. We've been playing twice a week and take pride in being a self taught team :)

Hammerheads (Bangalore)

Team: Hammerheads Location: Bangalore Captain: Tarun Kumar

"A session between few schoolmates & neighbourhood buddies, led to the accidental inception of a vibrant team on the 22nd of December 2012... Today we are a team of Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts, looking forward to meeting new people, playing good frisbee, and putting up a great show, while spreading the spirit of the game. Since the introduction to this wonderful sport, we have come a long way imbibing frisbee as an integral part of our lifestyle. We play this sport many times a week and meet great people each time around. From a handful beginners to a formidable force, today we stand strong as a 22 member team...and still growing :)"

Falcons (Bangalore)

Team: Falcons Location: Bangalore Captain: SL

We are a group of young players from College except one (that's me-SL) who got into Ultimate fever back in 2010-2011. From then on, we have participated in tournaments held in Bangalore, Chennai and Kodai. Still trying to improve on our skills on handling and cutting. We love to play ultimate for fun and the spirit :)

Dishiya/Hyflyers (Hyderabad)

Team: Location: Hyderabad Captain:

We have mixed up two hyderabad teams dishqiya and hyflyers for the chennai heat 13. Half of our squad have been playing ultimate since two years and the rest are playing from six months. We have a player who has represented in the international tourneys too.we have represented almost every tournament in India. We stood runner up at AUO 12. Our team has young and energetic players committed to play their best game in the usha chennai heat13, and our team is known for our off field masthi too..

Livewires (Chennai)

Team: Livewires Location: Chennai Captain: Manix

Livewires is a Chennai based pickup team

Skylanderz (Kerala)

Team: Skylanderz Location: Kerala Captain: Appu

skylanderz_ an ultimate team from kerala. Owning indias one and only free style frisbee club. Includes players from alleppey ,varkala & cochin. :)

Air strikers (Kerala)

Team: Air strikers Location: Kerala Captain: Arun sebastian

Our team is in alleppey(kerala) we are practice in alleppey beach every evng..

DiscoTech (Hyderabad)

Team: DiscoTech Location: Hyderabad Captain: Koushik K R

We are bunch of people working for Microsoft.We are all beginners trying to learn and improve ourselves.Just to chill, take a break from our coding cycles, and importantly not to get injured while doing so, we picked up this game. And the spirit of the game attracted more techies and it shaped up as a team.